Fall Training


Lincoln County NC GAL’s in conjunction with the Cleveland County NC Gal’s and Lincoln County Department of Social Services presented their fall training on Thursday, November 15, 2017.
The presentation “Human Trafficking in the US” was presented by Sister Patricia Ann Pepitone, RSM Vocation Minister Institute of the Sisters of Mercy and educated the participants on ways to alert our kids to lurking dangers but also focused on the magnitude of the problem. Points were also given to better assist the GALs and social workers on the signs and behaviors of a child or person who is being trafficked.
Very educational, very alarming! One really brave soul, Lanie George, having been a victim herself, founded an organization called Redeeming Joy, located in Cabarrus County. Her organization helps victims escape and rebuild their lives.
Visit the website to learn more about this topic and find links to additional information on how you can help!


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